Sitar Rose

Documentary filmmaker             Openhand Productions

Sitar Rose is a uniquely talented filmmaker. Her ability to successfully work with diverse and often challenging communities and to collaborate with them to create documentary films that not only deliver a sense of fulfillment to those that participate in their production but also achieve the highest standards in documentary storytelling is hard to find. I have admired Sitars work for many years and most recently I was lucky enough to work alongside her on a short documentary project in Glasgow. Once again, her ability to work with the participants and deliver a compelling film was inspiring.

Nick Higgins Filmmaker

Sitar Rose is a talented, delightful filmmaker who can work in a variety of settings and with different groups. She has a talent for grasping and understanding difficult briefs and working with different groups, communities and types of people. I can reflect that my experience of working with Sitar producing 'Trading Stories' was an excellent one, producing a superb, charming film which captured the experience of people, their stories and voices, and which will stand as an honest testimony to what people did and achieved. I would 100% recommend Sitar for other film projects as a result of this, and would happily work with Sitar again if the opportunity arose

Gerry Hassan, A Scottish Wave of Change; commissioner, Trading Stories

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