Sitar Rose

Documentary filmmaker             Openhand Productions


A 3 month Arts residency as part of Scotland’s Year of the Artist to give older people with dementia the opportunity to make their own individual video portraits and to creatively express something about themselves and the environment in which they live.

“The portraits strongly challenge the frequently expressed opinion that people with “dementia” become changed personalities…they convey a very strong impression of the cohesiveness of each person’s life, their unique identity, core personality and sense of personal values…. Faith Gibson

“Work of this kind can reveal things about a person which may not show on a day to day basis. By concentrating on aspects  of particular significance to each resident, Sitar has performed the vital function of affirming their personhood in a memorable manner.

John Killick. Research Fellow in Communication through the Arts.

Dementia Services Development Centre. Stirling

“You certainly brought to life all the tales  my  sisters and I had heard over the years.. It must have taken a lot of patience and time to get my mother to relate all those tales of old, Mum obviously remembers all her happy times and you really did very well to jog her memory and get them on video. I shall treasure my copy”  Relative

Sitar reached out into their inner thoughts, helping them remember the past and opening doors that otherwise might have been closed forever. There was laughter , stimulating conversation and even singing. It had clearly been a most  enjoyable experience for them and one that  made them feel valued and worthwhile”

Geraldine Howard. Day-care Manager, Silverlea

Not only has it provided each individual with the opportunity to express herself freely and creatively, it has given all of them a sense of being listened to and an experience of being valued.

Anne Jackson. Manager of Silverlea Residential Home

Video portraits of people with dementia  - 2000