Sitar Rose

Documentary filmmaker             Openhand Productions


Different Lives Same Damage

Few people realise that long term, heavy drinking can permanently damage the brain as well as the liver.

People living with Alcohol related brain damage in Scotland, share their experience and feelings, to help raise awareness about this devastating condition and how to cope with it.


NHS Ayrshire /Infusion Cooperative/ Headway Ayrshire

Winner Best Short Documentary

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

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Building a Better Future

For most people, a diagnosis of Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) comes as a complete shock. Many have no idea that heavy drinking can damage the brain as well as the liver. “ Building a Better Future” is an honest and intimate account by men and women in Scotland with ARBD who share how they cope with the  difficult day to day problems, the emotional impact and the kind of support or activity which helps them to face

the challenges of staying abstinent and leading a positive life.

What a moving and inspiring film! Such honesty and insight that you've captured here, and it's incredible that people have been so open and willing to share about their own experiences in order to help others. I'm really honoured to have my music associated with this.

Kim Edgar

Alcohol Related Brain Damage