Sitar Rose

Documentary filmmaker             Openhand Productions


To celebrate the launch of the BBC's  Your Paintings  website, Screen Education Edinburgh made  a trilogy of 10 minute films.

Painting Protest is an exploration by community activists in North Edinburgh, of the sometimes hidden history of social activism in Scotland, looking at paintings from the 17th century to the present day and includes archive footage of the group’s campaigns.


In “Jenny’s Thread” , a series of paintings by contemporary artist Victoria Crowe,  of a shepherdess called Jenny Armstrong who worked in the Pentland hills until she retired in the 1970’s, connects the lives of present day sheep farmers and the artist to reflect on their way of life.


Now showing as part of a permanent display in the National Museum of Scotland 2015


Filming The List

Produced and directed by Robin MacPherson

Editor Sitar Rose

Filming a one woman play for the cinema sounds straightforward. Filming The List goes behind the scenes as the two groups of professionals find out how to reconcile the creative and technical differences between theatre and cinema in pursuit of a film of which they can all be proud.

“Painting and Inspiration” brings together 4 Edinburgh based artists who draw on the website to talk about how particular paintings spark off their own work. As part of the documentary, they make their own 30 second film to evoke their individual approach to the creative process.